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  • Felixe Asks Introduction

    Ever sat in a dealership listening to a whole bunch of jargon and thought 'Ok, but what does that me and why does it need to be done to my car"?

    This year, Felixe from Marketing is heading out around the dealership to learn more about the business and find answers to your burning questions, like 'Why do I need to change my oil?'

    First up in the series: “What is a PD?”

  • What is a PD?

    This year, Felixe from Marketing is heading out to learn as much as she can about everything that goes on here at Hutchies.

    In the first instalment of 'Felixe Asks' we head into the workshop to chat to Josh and learn what a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PD) is. 

    Got something you want to learn about? Send your questions in to [email protected]

  • What is a Wheel Alignment?


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