Introducing the Ford Mondeo HEV


Ford New Zealand will leverage the global resources of Ford Motor Company in the deployment of its electric vehicles. We will deploy products into the market in tune with customer needs.

Our initial vehicle is the Mondeo Hybrid Titanium (HEV).

As future globally developed next generation products become available we will assess their suitability for the New Zealand market and deploy new capabilities where appropriate for our customers.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle champions fuel economy & CO2 by seamlessly switching from between it’s electric & petrol engine
  • Powered by state of the art Hybrid battery (high voltage lithium-ion technology) the traction motor operates in electric mode
  • When you are overtaking at speed or overtaking, the petrol engine contributes as needed to supply extra power.
  • To maximise your mileage Smart Regenerative Charging captures over 90% of brake energy and uses it to recharge the battery

How does it work?

  • Atkinson-cycle 2.0-litre petrol unit pared to a 1.4kW battery pack mounted in the boot •Battery pack feeds one electric motor to deliver drive to the front wheels
  • Second motor operates in regeneration mode to send energy back into the battery cells


  • When both motor’s combine delivers 187PS
  • CO2 emissions of 92 g/km (based upon vehicle with 18” wheels)

Body style availability:

  • 4 door body style (no 5 door or wagon)

Specification and Pricing vs Standard Mondeo Titanium

SpecificationMondeo HEVMondeo Titanium Ecoboost
Price$55,990 +ORC$53,690 +ORC
Warranty100,000 km / 3 years100,000 km / 3 years
Service Schedules20,000 km / 1 year20,000 km / 1 year
Fuel Economy3.9L/100kms8.5L/100kms
EmissionsCO2 89 (g/km)CO2 197 (g/km)
Body4 Door Sedan4 Door Hatch
Safety5 Star Euro NCAP5 Star Euro NCAP
Wheels16 Inch19 Inch
Engine2.0L iVCT Atk HEV2.0L EcoBoost
Torque173 NM345 NM
TowingN/A1200 kg (Braked)
Active City StopN/AYes

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