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Team Hutchinson Ford appointed licensed Roush Installer for NZ


Team Hutchinson Ford are really proud to announce we have been appointed Licensed Roush Installer for NZ.

Robert Brown, Roush Director of International Programs said, ‘after two years of working with John Hutchinson and his team we are thrilled to be making this announcement, Team Hutchinson Ford are the third International Licensed Installer we have accredited. What this means is they can supply a right hand drive Roush Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 Mustang that is identical to what comes off our assembly line in Michigan with its unique Roush build number and its entry on the Roush registry.’ ‘While all the focus will be on Mustang for the short term we expect to introduce enhancement packs for other Ford models over time’ Brown said.

Visit our Roush Mustang page to see our recent Mustang Roush builds or check out our 2019 ROUSH RS3 Mustang. Orders being taken now!



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